Golden Hour, Sark the Shark & Fallen Stars

February 20, 2024

In “The Bar” we discuss what’s at stake for Todd Golden and the Gators as we start to wrap up February. We take stock in what Steve Sarkisian’s new contract and status means to the SEC and we wrap by looking at just how far the Daytona 500 has fallen.

Juwan’s Jab, Specialness Sidelined & A Worthy Boycott

February 21, 2022

In “The Bar” we looked at the Jawaan Howard’s and Greg Gard’s altercation following Michigan’s loss to Wisconsin. If you are the B1G there is only one reaction you can have to this. We discussed the Olympics and how their fate along with the Pro Sports All-Star games seem to be linked. We wrapped by talking about the potential NFL combine boycott and why this one makes sense.

Minority Misfire, Steroid Stoppage & Olympic Outage

February 9, 2022

In “The Bar” we discuss the NFL’s Minority Head Coaching Misfires and how the Draft is the solution. We looked at Baseball’s decision to stop steroid testing and why it’s not a huge deal at this time. We also talked about American’s lack of interest in the Winter Olympics and why Team USA doesn’t matter to Americans anymore.