Mark Emmert

NCAA Angling, Trevor’s Tale & In-Season Showcase

December 7, 2023

In “The Bar” we looked at the NCAA’s bold plan to streamline College Football’s financial issues. We explained why Trevor Lawrence needs to be more responsible as a franchise QB and we wrapped by telling you why the NBA’s In-season tournament should be lighting a fire under MLB’s hierarchy.

New NCAA Noggin, Military Misfire & Tom Brady Tempest

December 17, 2022

In “The Bar” we look at the challenges that await incoming NCAA President Charlie Baker and what three things he can focus on that can create some stability in CFB. We examine a new law being passed in Congress that will hurt the service academies while offering zero upside and we wrapped by talking about the tempest around Tom Brady and why this year mirrors his last in New England and that’s standard operating procedure for almost every great athlete.

NIL New Era, Big D & Phil’s Finances

May 6, 2022

In “The Bar” we looked at SEC Commish Greg Sankey and PAC-12 Commish Greg Kliavkoff’s trip to Washington to ask Congress to fix the NIL mess that they have created. We discussed the Mayor of Dallas and his idea to add an NFL expansion team to South Dallas. We wrapped by looking at the reports that Phil Mickelson may have gambled away close to $40 million.

Draft Dynamics, Emmert’s Evac and NIL Portal Problems

April 27, 2022

In “The Bar” we discussed how the Jags approach at #1 will show us whether or not they have changed as a franchise. We also looked at what the Bucs should be. With Mark Emmert stepping down as NCAA President we told you why his departure is going to do nothing but swing open the gate of chaos. We wrapped by telling you how the NIL is now pushing more players in the transfer portal which has been turned into a slush fund for big boosters and ADs.