Mike Tyson

Russell’s Real Legacy, DeShaun Dilemma and Judge & Jury

August 1, 2022

In “The Bar” we examined Bill Russell’s legacy and why his titles and and on the court accolades miss the bigger picture. Now that DeShaun Watson’s punishment has been levied we discussed why the outrage from fans is meaningless unless they quit consuming Watson and the sport. We wrapped by looking at Aaron Judge as he starts his quest to catch Ruth, Maris and possibly Barry Bonds.

Redefining Record Players

January 20, 2022

All Time Records are special.  Well, unless you are Tom Brady.  He handles more records than a mustached DJ in the late 1970s.   We will get to Tom’s Time Stamps later on in this article.    I have been fortunate in my lifetime to see almost every career record in sports broken.   Some more prominent than…

Playoffs With Purpose, Tyson Time & Novak No Mas

January 17, 2022

In “The Bar” we looked at the NFL Post-Season and how college football can solve their player opt out problem and player compensation problem by paying attention to the NFL. With rumors now heating up that Jake Paul and Mike Tyson may be closing in on a deal to fight we told you why this would be the biggest fight in since Mayweather vs Pacquiao. We wrapped by discussing Novak Djokovic’s decision to not get vaccinated and why it will cost him historically.